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Surviving the Christchurch earthquakes largely unscathed was a lucky break for Southfuels and Northfuels, a national bulk fuel and lubricant distributor based in Christchurch. But the company’s rapid recovery from a recent computer hardware failure had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with good Business Continuity Planning (BCP).

Southfuels and Northfuels uses Greentree ERP software to run its entire business, from financials to soon to be automated fuel delivery via mobile devices in its trucks. Unfortunately Southfuels experienced a failure one on of the hard disks in one of its servers, causing data corruptions in the Greentree database. The disk error was identified and the disk replaced, but the data corruption went un-noticed.

When data is corrupted there is often no way of recover it which means recreating records manually. The longer a corruption goes unnoticed, the greater the potential disruption to the business.


As part of its BCP strategy, Southfuels and Northfuels uses DataSure’s ‘Ultimate Greentree Backup’ service. The service stores customers’ Greentree backup files in multiple offsite data centres, performs a daily restore and certification procedure and provides Data Insurance cover.

DataSure identified the corruption during the next day’s restore and certification process and automatically alerted Southfuels and Northfuels. With Verde’s help the company retrieved its backup data from DataSure and restored the system onto another server. Verde also restored the system on a server at its Auckland data centre “as a belt and braces measure” Carr said. Within 48 hours of the original hardware failure the system was fully operational once again and a potential catastrophe was averted.


The Wilcox Group of Companies is involved with growing, packing and distributing fresh produce throughout New Zealand with facilities at Pukekohe, Ohakune, Levin and the Waikato in the North Island, and Rakaia in the South Island. Companies within the group are privately owned by the Wilcox family, who have been associated with vegetable growing since the early 1930s. They manage a production base of 2,500 acres with 110 permanent staff.Their large growing and packing capacity and specialised marketing skills mean Wilcox can deliver and maintain a guaranteed sustainable supply to retail sectors throughout New Zealand and sustain a significant export demand.

For more information visit A.S. Wilcox

Southfuels & Northfuels are a New Zealand owned and operated bulk fuel & lubricant distributor, specialising in servicing the rural, contractor, commercial & industrial markets. They understand that customers need a consistent and reliable fuel supplier so the business is modeled around providing an exceptional service to our diverse range of customers throughout New Zealand.

For more information visit Southfuels and Northfuels


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