Effective customer management helps strengthen and nurture customer relationships and provide valuable insights into your business. With MYOB Advanced Customer Relationship Management Software you can:

  • Customise dashboards to help analyse trends in real-time
  • Adjust your views from overall to department or function-specific
  • Bring data together in one place giving you considerable insight into your business
  • Segment databases, manage online campaigns, and measure performance with integrated marketing
  • Integrate service and support activities with sales and marketing
  • Provide customers with 24/7 access to account information, and share your knowledge base and support information
Stock control and distribution software to help streamline your processes


Improve collaboration between departments with marketing automation solutions that are integrated with content management and financials. Capture leads from web forms, advertisement and more, and feed these into your integrated marketing to help improve conversions, measure performance, and improve productivity.

  • Collate marketing materials in a central repository
  • Apply access permissions at document level
  • Target different market segments with different lead types
  • Use custom-defined attributes to target clients with customised campaigns
  • Combine and integrate marketing activities, billing, and financial data in one place
  • Capture leads from your website, direct mail, online advertising and more
Lifecycle Management Never lose track of a customer as you monitor their progress through the prospecting, closing, and up-selling stages. You can even keep a complete history of communication as a reference point to eliminate any future confusion.
Integrated Financial Application Combine and integrate your marketing activities, billing, and financial data in one place to help you determine the response and profitability of your marketing campaigns.
Online Marketing Capture leads from your website, direct mail, online advertising and more with the ability to create customised landing pages to suit your campaign.
Segmentation Tools Collect information to effectively target different market segments with different lead types, and use custom-defined attributes to target your clients with customized campaigns.
Campaign Management Keep track of your campaigns and their revenue and costs with specific lists and criteria from your prospects, leads, contacts and customers.
Dashboards and Favourites Match marketing managers with customised dashboards and the real-time information they need to excel day-to-day.
Partnership Marketing Control leads within your organisation or to external partners with a ‘parent account’ that allows visitors to view only the select information that you want to share.
Empower your staff with powerful lead management software


Automate your sales process and improve the efficiency of your sales teams by providing them with the contacts, opportunities and activities that influence the sales decision. MYOB Advanced can even help you enhance information flow, increase close rates, and reduce sales cycles, with lead assignment and workflow tools.

  • Attach documents directly to transactions, leads, opportunities and accounts
  • Set leads to automatically route according to pre-set criteria
  • Aggregate lead lists manually or in bulk
  • Easily convert sales opportunities into full accounts
  • Let team members collaborate on proposals
  • Assign leads to internal and external users, and link salespeople to real-time information 
  • Restrict access rights and manage approvals at every stage of the workflow
Opportunity Management Let team members collaborate on assignments, activities and deals so you never miss an opportunity. Want more? Link items to your opportunities to prevent double-entry and allow for an invoice to be quickly generated when the deal is closed.
Lead Management Never miss an opportunity with the ability to assign leads to internal and external users of the system. You can then include all sales channels in one consolidated report. Easy.
Approvals and Workflow Need to make sure your sales follow a strict approval process? Make it easy with workflow that can restrict access rights and manage approvals at every stage.
Email Templates Make emails easy with consistent templates and automatic response tracking.
Dashboards and Favourites Link your salespeople to real-time information and get them the information they need straight away. You can even set up individual personalised dashboards to meet their needs.
Comprehensive dashboards to support your business reporting


Monitor real-time trends in your organisation with comprehensive reporting tools that give you the confidence to accelerate your decision making. Create and use personalised business dashboards to display different information types related to job-functions, roles, or responsibilities to give you an overview on your current financial, organisational, and operational information.

Business Reports Designer Make your reports work for you with easily customisable and visually-compelling reports on sales, forms, invoices and more.
Customisable by Users You don’t need technical experience to get what you need. We make it easy with reports and dashboards completely customisable in-screen.
Drilldown Reporting Drill-down into any report to trace back to your original document or data entry. 
Inquiries for Quick Views Access the information you need when you need it with access to on-screen inquiries. No need to download a report!
Interactive Report Viewing Enhance the value of reports with clickable results and interactive experiences.
Report Scheduling Find yourself needing to run the same reports over and over? Let the system do the work with scheduled reports that work to your predetermined frequencies. 
Filters Avoid the clutter with filters that display only the data you want to see.
Microsoft Excel Integration Keep all of your records up to date with the ability to easily export your data to Microsoft Excel.
View Data Your Way Take your data to the next level with data visualisations. Using Open Data Interface (OData) capabilities, bring your live data to life in Microsoft Excel or PowerBI.
Free PowerBI Dashboards PowerBI content packs let you access and share your data online. Built for MYOB Advanced, PowerBI lets you access data visualisations like speedometers and maps.
Empower your customers with easy-to-use help desk software


Create a customer self-service portal experience that reduces customer support questions directed towards your company. Deliver greater value to your customers with 24/7 access to their financial statements, support cases, contracts and more.

Customer Self-Service Capability Give your customers ease of access to the information they need, when they need it, with a self-service portal. They can access account information, create and manage support cases, and create and track online orders, without even needing to call your service personnel.
Self-Update of Customer Information With online self-service access to their account information, customers can view and update their address and contact information at all times.
Financial Overview Through the self-service portal customers can see their historical documents and transactions, as well as due dates, and amounts due.
Case Management Let customers view the cases they have submitted, track their progress, reopen closed cases and provide additional information with case management that seamlessly flows into your software.
Online Ordering Browse inventory and place orders online at any time. Your customers can even track the order status, shipment, and view the invoice all from their customer portal.
Online Catalogue Control which products are visible to each user in your online catalogue and what information and images that user sees, as well as what warehouses products are shipped from. 
Up-to-date Pricing and Inventory Details Connected directly to your overall database, you can be sure that your inventory and pricing is always up to date.
Document Sharing Share your documents and important information with customers in a secure location, without needing to build a separate webpage.
Knowledge Base Host and support information to help customers troubleshoot their issues and find resolutions. With articles created and published by your support professionals, you can ensure that your customers can find the answers they need for any of their FAQs.


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