Manage complex projects easily and get a complete view of your project-related costs; it’s perfect for professional services organisations such as engineering, marketing companies law firms and not-for-profits.

  • Track and report on projects, tasks and budgets.
  • Automate project billing with our pre-defined allocation and billing rules engine.
  • Allocate transaction and costs from other Advanced modules directly to projects, such as invoices from suppliers, invoices to customers, journals from the GL and receipts from purchasing.
  • Employees can enter time and expenses from any mobile device via the MYOB Advanced OnTheGo app.
Project accounting management software to help keep your business on track


Automatically track project costs and budget in a system that seamlessly integrates with your financials. You can populate certain projects with employees, resources, and equipment, and you can even associate documents with specific projects for comprehensive management.

Resource Management Establish billing rules and assign resources to projects and tasks, including project managers, employees and machines.
Task Definition Generate expected revenue in project budgets by defining tasks to individual projects or globally, and assign billing rates by individual, job role, or project.
Easy to Update Tasks Fully integrated modules allow you to easily add activities through CRM or whilst in project.
Allocate Expenses Create formulas that include billable and non-billable items and allow you to allocate shared and overhead expenses to individual projects.
Templates for Projects and Tasks Use master templates to create new projects that specify the people, equipment, billing and budgets involved.
WIP Support Keep projects on budget and don’t lose track of expenditures by tracking accumulated un-billed costs.
Project accounting software to help your business succeed


Manage complex advanced billing scenarios and multiple variables at once -including fixed price, cost plus, milestone billing, contract specific pricing, and time & materials. You can then choose to modify rates by employee, account group, type of customer, project task and more.

Automated Billing Reduce errors and improve cash flow with automatically generated invoices and defined project billing parameters.
Multiple Rates Get flexible billing for specific tasks or projects with multiple rates tables.
Billing Periods Suspend posting of timesheets and expenses until released, and bill projects or customers on custom, weekly, monthly or quarterly cycles.
Billing Mark Up Vary markups according to labour or service type, and apply at the customer level for maximum flexibility.
Reverse Un-Billed Transactions Use automatic reversal and invoice regeneration to correct improperly applied charges to the billing transaction.
Keep your project accounting on track with project time and expense management


Ensure accurate client billing every time with simplified time and expense entry processes. Use the MYOB Advanced mobile app to manage entry and approvals anywhere, at any time - giving you more accuracy and control over your project time management and tracking.

T&E Reporting Anywhere Report easily and conveniently at any time through browser or app, and improve the accuracy and timeliness of your expense reporting.
Timesheet Entry Connect specific projects and budgets directly to your timesheets.
Accurate Labour Assignment Assign labour hours to specific projects and tasks that feed directly to your database to make labour accounting easy.
Approvals Customise workflow to move items through a specified approval process. Approved items can generate corresponding project transactions or invoices and can even be posted to specific cases, customers, contracts or projects.
Audit Trail Maintain a comprehensive audit trail with complete tracking of user adjustment to records.