Improve your distribution efficiency with better inventory control and cost tracking across multiple locations with MYOB Advanced.

  • Maintain detailed information on your inventory including supplier codes, barcodes, cost and sell pricing history.
  • Track inventory levels and costs across multiple warehouses and locations.
  • Advanced inventory management features include serial and batch tracking, kit assemblies and bin location with pick priorities.
  • Manage multiple customer and supplier price lists including order discounting policies.
Stock control and distribution software to help streamline your processes


Efficiently manage your distribution process with system-wide inventory control and effective inventory management software - including real-time access to inventory in transit, available inventory, and inventory costs.

Lot and Serial Numbering Assign serial numbers upon receiving, issuing, or assembling each item - and track inventory by that serial number. You can even assign specific valuations to certain numbers in order to track costs.
Expiration Dates Reduce inventory waste with automatic issuing of earliest expiration dates, and instantly remove expired items from available inventory.
Transaction Reason Codes Create reason codes that link directly to your general ledger and inventory reports. Use these financial and operational reports to measure trends and spot problems.
Two-Step Transfers Track your inventory transfers into and out of your transit account, so you can monitor goods currently in transport between locations. 
Inventory Bin/Location Control Easily maintain control over your inventory, with clear specifications around the types of transactions allowed, their priority, and cost by location.
Inventory Replenishment Suggestions Use historical sales data analysis, and system-generated replenishment recommendations, to lower your overall inventory.
Inventory Sub-Items Create sub-categories for your inventory and associate separate costs or information with each, in order to further simplify your tracking and reporting.
Purchase Order Automation Make re-ordering easy, with automatically generated purchase orders based on replenishment algorithms and your stock levels. Generated orders go directly to the vendor with the best delivery time and price.
Sales Order Discounts and Promotions Manage your discount policies and complex pricing models with ease - while still maintaining any price override policies you have in place.
CRM Integration Avoid re-entering information like price and discounts, with easy conversion of CRM opportunities to sales orders. You can even verify shipping and delivery status by locating orders.
An order management system built for your business needs


Give your sales and service teams real-time data to help improve their operations with the support of centrally managed sales activities. Fulfil sales orders, enter quotes, create shipments, apply discounts, track prices and check inventory all in one place to improve your overall ordering, fulfilment and delivery processes.

CRM Integration Convert your CRM opportunities to sales leads without losing any of your information.
Purchasing Integration Link purchase orders with sales orders, and automatically generate new purchase orders when inventory is low. You can even hold sales orders until the purchase order is received, or drop shipments altogether.
Multiple and Partial Dispatching Manage multiple warehouses easily, with the ability to fill a sales order from multiple warehouses, or even split the order into multiple shipments from different warehouses. You can then track these partial orders and manage back order deliveries.
Shipment Schedule Produce shipment orders according to item availability or delivery schedule. Customise your delivery schedule with different delivery dates for each line item on a sales order.
Pick List and Replenishment Orders Use your item availability records and warehouse location priorities to generate pick lists for your orders. Low on inventory? Auto-search other warehouses, issue replenishment orders, or even place the sales order on hold until new stock arrives.
Inventory Allocation Customise inventory allocation rules at each step of the sales process, and use those rules to warn users when inventory levels are unavailable or over-allocated.
Credit Limit Verification Perform auto credit checks prior to release of the order, and release credit hold when the order amount is decreased or payment is received. 
Invoice Consolidation Make it easy, with multiple shipment orders consolidated into one invoice. If required, you can even review and update the invoice information before printing.
RMA and Reason Codes Manage any returns with reason codes and return merchandise authorization functionality. You can process return orders as credit, or a replacement of damaged goods.
An ERP solution for your purchase order needs


Automate and centrally manage your purchasing processes from procurement through to quotes and invoice payments. Central management of the purchase order allows you to enforce policy and controls, whilst also ensuring a steady supply of materials.

Drop Shipments Deliver items directly to a customer location with drop shipment orders. You can then automatically release the sales order and invoice when the purchase receipt is authorised.
Landed Cost Functionality Use custom allocation methods to allocate costs with purchased items; such as additional shipping and handling costs. These landed costs are then entered into Accounts Payable and automatically included in inventory costs.
Supplier Selection and Performance Analysis Attach supplier price lists to your item descriptions, prices and delivery times - and update cost, quantities and lead times each time new inventory is received. This statistical information is then kept for replenishment calculations and supplier performance.
Reporting and Drill Down Optimise your purchasing experience with a complete set of inquiry screens and auditing reports that you can use to drill down to original transactions.
Audit Trail Keep a comprehensive record of all purchasing transactions, including all modifications and the user ID associated with each change.
Simplified Item Tracking Automatically assign lot and serial numbers upon receipt of purchase orders, to build a cross-reference item ID system between your database and suppliers.
Automatic Payment Vouchers Create accounts payable vouchers automatically whenever goods are received. You can even consolidate receipts into a single voucher, or multiple bills into a single receipt.
A comprehensive purchase requisition system to support your ERP


Embrace automation and eliminate paperwork by changing the way you gather requests, supplier bids, manage orders and more. Move online to provide sales, shipping, management, and other stakeholders with full visibility over your requisition management.

Purchasing Integration Move directly from approved requisitions to creating purchase orders all within the purchase order module.
Predefined Request Lists Predefine and limit users to a specific list of inventory items in your database.
Hide Inventory Items Choose which users are able to view your product catalogue, and provide the manual item entry option instead.
Collect and Organise Requests Generate approval rules based on request amount, quantity and more. You can then bundle multiple requests into a single requisition for ease of processing.
Request Classes Reduce data entry errors by using requisition defaults. Customise your defaults to limit selection options, hide supplier or catalogue information, set lead times and much more. 
Create Customer Quotes Respond to customer requests with easily generated prices and quotes.
Sales Order Integration Easily convert approved quotes into sales orders, and link to requisition for easy access and overview.
Complete Integration Automate processes and eliminate duplicate data entry with integration across all requisition, purchasing, order management, inventory management, and financial modules.
Audit Trail Keep note of the entire transaction order trail with comprehensive reporting and user ID tracking. 


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