Warren Ashburner

IT & Project Manager
As IT and Project Manager, Warren Ashburner is among the Senior Leadership Team tasked with investigating new technology avenues complementary to Verde Group’s existing solution offerings and in line with customer demand. He’s studied Computer Science and has completed various IT industry qualifications, including ITIL, Certified Ethical Hacker and a Prince2 Practitioner qualification. Warren admits he’s a lifelong ‘computer nerd’, fascinated by technology and driven by a belief that nothing learned or experience is wasted. His experience includes working in IT support as a senior engineer and technical delivery manager with managed service providers in the Auckland region before joining Verde in 2014. Responsible for both the Hardware as a Service and Backup as a Service offerings, Warren is also Verde’s IT manager overseeing the infrastructure budget, support, and maintenance. He also gets involved operationally, having grown his Greentree setup knowledge and regularly assisting with client support and server setup. With a key focus on delivering cost effective, supportable, and scalable IT solutions, Warren’s approach is the delivery of day to day technology that ‘just works’. It’s a simple approach that information workers love, as it consistently puts the tools which support productivity and business growth. He enjoys varied challenges, with the diverse nature of his daily tasks keeping him interested, particularly as Verde Group seeks to disrupt itself by introducing additional lines of business and operating models. It should come as no surprise that the organisations he enjoys engaging with most are medium-sized, big enough to need serious IT but too small to justify their own IT departments. This provides fertile ground for the delivery of transformative value using technology – particularly if that technology includes data-driven Artificial Intelligence. With words to live by including “If it can be solved, there’s no need to worry, and if it can’t be solved, worry is of no use”, Warren is an admirer of Elon Musk’s boundless enthusiasm for transforming the world, and Simon Sinek’s positive approach impacting people everywhere.