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A bright future lies ahead for Ivoclar

CHALLENGE Want accurate sales analysis and comprehensive sales history to be easily accessible in order to build an information rich organisation.
SOLUTION Verde with Greentree modules: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Job Cost, Cash Book, CRM
RESULTS Accurate & timely sales analysis & sales history has created an information-rich environment vital for increased marketing & sales efforts. Fully integrated system making processes faster & more efficient and allowing for greater business growth.




Ivoclar Vivadent is one of the leading suppliers to the New Zealand dental industry and part of the largest privately owned dental company in the world. Based in Albany, Auckland the company has grown in 27 years from a fledgling business to a market leader with nationwide premises and a comprehensive business that includes a dental training laboratory and lecture theatre.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of parent company Ivoclar Vivadent AG, based in Liechtenstein Ivoclar in this country has a good deal of autonomy. Ivoclar NZ felt strongly that they had to go with a business management solution that was right for them and suited the local business environment.

The business was looking to overcome some specific issues brought about because of their tremendous success and growth. As an organisation strong in sales and marketing Ivoclar felt the need to be information rich. Along with that came the requirement to have a more extensive sales history made available and better sales analysis tools. With 18 000 stock codes and a minimum of 200 orders per day they had effectively outgrown their existing CBA system.

“We were already using Greentree’s CBA product and we saw the opportunity to streamline the process of moving our sales history across, to be less disruptive and have a strong sense of continuity. Also, Verde offered a level of support that I didn’t see with the other products”, says Teresa Riddell, General Manager at Ivoclar.

Ivoclar went live with Verde’s Greentree solution in October 2004 and the difference to their business was almost immediate. Providing a true picture of the business in real time has made for greater efficiency and better service to customers. “For a start a complete sales history is now available, so we have a clear view of what customers are buying”, explains Fiona Ludemann, Office Manager at Ivoclar.

Another important benefit from the system is the increased search-ability, and with such an extensive number of stock codes this has been vital. “Serial and batch tracking is greatly improved with Greentree and has proved essential, especially because we are an ISO accredited organisation”, says Teresa.

Along the way Verde was there to see that the solution was implemented to maximum effect for Ivoclar and made a number of customisations in order to get even more from the system. Because Ivoclar customers prefer to receive their invoice with the actual goods along with the packing slip, Verde tailored the system to provide an efficient way of doing this.

Also, customising the report layout to print outstanding orders directly onto the invoice reminds customers what they have already ordered and saves them a call to check the status of backorders. Verde’s re-order workbench is a useful tool enabling staff to set stock –level criteria for each supplier and automatically calculates suggested quantities to order. A purchase order can then be generated at the click of a button.

Teresa Riddell has found Verde very responsive to Ivoclar’s needs. “Because Verde knows the Greentree product so well they are able to tailor it to get what we want in a fully integrated system”. A good example of this is Ivoclar’s customer reward programme, where Verde designed a system specifically for Ivoclar’s needs. The customised program accrues points for each customer, fully integrated into Accounts Receivable. These points can then be redeemed for prizes, a process that in the past was calculated manually.


Ivoclar have enjoyed a very close relationship with their Verde consultant and have confidence in the fact that she understands their business. That knowledge has been vital in getting customised reports and setting up reporting structures that has assisted in creating a deep and accessible view of activity across the business.

That view of the business has been given a further injection of power recently with the addition of Greentree’s Qlikview business intelligence tool to the base system. Qlikview has quickly become an indispensable part of Ivoclar’s business processes providing powerful sales analysis by revenue, salesperson and any number of slicing and dicing options. Says Fiona, “relevant and current information is even quicker at hand and the options for reporting are virtually limitless; we can even analyse what our customers are not buying”. Information in Qlikview, which is extracted directly from the Greentree database, can be displayed in many formats including dashboards that provide a quick visual gauge of sales performance.

“The timely implementation of Greentree and the high level of support offered by Verde has enabled us to operate more efficiently during rapid business growth, while continuing to provide the level of service our customers have grown to expect” concludes Teresa and Fiona.


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What began in Zurich over 80 years ago with the production of artificial ceramic teeth has evolved into a leading international company with a comprehensive product portfolio. Ivoclar Vivadent AG is an innovative enterprise with one of the largest Research & Development centers in the dental industry. As a global player, the company is present in almost all the markets in the world, with its own subsidiaries in 19 countries. Europe and North America are the core markets of the privately-owned enterprise, but increased attention will be given to Asia and Latin America in the future, so that people around the world can benefit from the developments of modern dental medicine.

For more information visit Ivoclar Vivadent


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