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Total Access chooses NetSuite and Verde to power growth ambition

National construction equipment supplier Total Access has selected the NetSuite Enterprise Resource Planning solution to power its operations and provide a platform for future growth. The Auckland headquartered company has engaged Verde Group for the supply, implementation, and support of the cloud software solution.

Total Access Financial Accountant Leigh Mills says NetSuite and Verde Group were both selected on the basis of track record. “Having implemented and used NetSuite before it is a familiar and capable solution suitable for our needs. One of the major advantages is its cloud-first design which makes all information available online with no server components or limits on where it is accessed from.”

Verde Group, says Mills, was chosen as the preferred supplier on the basis of a proven capacity for delivery. “With any enterprise software project, there are two essential metrics which go beyond the suitability of the software for the task at hand: on time and on budget. Verde has consistently proven its ability to meet these metrics.”

He says Total Access has reached a point where accounting software is becoming an impediment to the company’s operations. “Growth is outpacing the ability of simple accounting solutions to handle the complexity and scale of the business. In addition to looking for better control and visibility across our operations, the introduction of NetSuite will bring previously disparate and loosely integrated software into a single solution.”


This not only provides for better management, but it also sets the business up for further expansion. “NetSuite is particularly strong in this regard because it provides high end ERP functionality which is scaled for a growing small to medium enterprise. And when we become a bigger business, it scales up with us.”

With a substantial part of its business involved in the hiring out of construction equipment, Verde Group has sourced NetSuite Rental Management software from independent software vendor NetScore. NetScore’s solution is compliant under the Built for NetSuite ISV partner programme run by the vendor, says Wayne Potgieter, Verde Group Sales Manager.

“Vendors with active ISV programmes like Built for NetSuite effectively extend the power and capability of their core software by tapping into the ingenuity and innovation of their partners. With NetScore, Total Access can manage all its business within a single, integrated solution. That’s directly in line with the company’s goals.”

That’s confirmed by Mills, who says there is a considerable advantage in a single source of the truth from customer contract to invoicing without logging into different systems. “In due course, we’ll be moving our CRM into NetSuite, and also introducing a Built for NetSuite payroll solution.”

To date, Mills is satisfied with the progress of the implementation. “We are close to going live and the project has gone well with minimal interruption. There are things you need to figure out with every ERP project, but with the right partner, that’s just part of the job; Verde has demonstrated an ability to think through the processes and put in the time and effort to get where we need to be.”


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Established in 2008, Total Access is a heavyweight in the construction industry providing clients with a complete Access service for over 12 years! Living by their brand promise, "Reliable Service, Making Access Easy", Total Access is the only company within New Zealand who can provide customers with an all-inclusive Access Package. With demand increasing rapidly, they have the capacity and the equipment cater to all Access needs nationwide!

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