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Supply Chain & Distribution Software

All the tools you need to exceed customer expectations from request through to delivery.

The challenges of delivering on sales have become greater, as turnaround times have shrunk and customer demands have grown. MYOB Greentree’s Supply Chain and Distribution suite will help your sales, purchasing, warehousing and distribution teams deliver best-in-class results, growing confidence in your supply chain to drive customer satisfaction.

  • Streamline the sales order process, managing backorders and expectations along the way
  • Always have an accurate picture as MYOB Greentree is live-updated across suites and modules
  • Warehouse bins enable you to effectively and efficiently manage multiple warehouses
  • The flexibility to track inventory by lot, batch or dimension (colour/size/style)
  • Across all stages of the supply chain, the correct personnel have the information they need, at the right time
INVENTORY To deliver great service you need the right inventory to meet customer demand. Manage your inventory and warehouse operations with these live updated integrated tools.
SUPPLY CHAIN MYOB Greentree’s Supply Chain assures precision execution of the supply process, from request through to delivery.
SALES & DELIVERY Whether your processes are simple or detailed, this module will fit your requirements. At each stage the right person will have the information to get the job done without hitch.
SALES - MOBILE Connecting your sales and business engines provides the functionality needed for success: live quotes, orders, pricing and stock availability. Sales staff can retrieve organisational, contact and useful sales information.
PURCHASING Purchasing requirements – for customer orders, replenishment, unique agreements, linking to jobs / sales – are easily supported. With financial integration, the impact on cash flow can be forecasted.
QUALITY CONTROL Eliminate the costs of dissatisfied customers through an efficient quality assurance plan. This module sharpens and automates all the necessary quality control processes.
MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS PLANNING (MRP) The power of full integration enables MRP to analyse sales, purchasing, manufacturing, forecasts and more to build an accurate picture of inventory requirements.
ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE (EDI) Reduces order errors by ensuring the correct information is always captured. The template designer gives you the support to meet your trading partner requirements and file formats.
eRequisitions Give greater insight and control to those responsible for managing inventory levels. Secure access requests for inventory can be turned into purchase orders once approved.