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Time is money in the transport business and if assets aren’t moving, they’re costing money.

Information systems are revolutionising the efficiency, control and management capabilities of transport operators, providing visibility into logistics operations and supply chains which were never before possible. With effective ERP solutions, Verde Group is empowering modern transport operators to know more, plan better, work moving assets more effectively and boost the bottom line.

Our solutions encompass financial management, operations and service management, KPI tracking, Health & Safety and much more. As a proven provider of transport and logistics software solutions to keep New Zealand trucking, Verde has delivered solutions to over 20 top transport operators.


Advancements in technology and changes in the way goods are bought and sold are creating both complexity and opportunity for transportation and logistics companies
  • Direct connectivity with Microsoft Excel®, facilitating a powerful range of reporting and formatting tools
  • Mobile (in-truck) fleet & stock management
  • Integration with reservations systems
  • Voucher redemption management


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To keep pace, transportation and logistics companies need core financials that can help them be agile and forward-thinking as they navigate the constantly changing global landscape.

INVENTORY & SUPPLY CHAIN Manage processes with real-time visibility of available inventory, inventory in transit, reorder quantities, and inventory costs.
GLOBAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Manage multiple companies, currencies, tax rules and reporting requirements as your business grows internationally, without losing visibility into performance.
CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT A single repository of customer interaction enabling superior service quality with a complete 360-degree view of your customers – all in once place.
BUDGETING & FORECASTING Equip your organisation with planning, budgeting and forecasting tools to ensure financial stability and growth.  Evaluate different financial scenarios to set targets.
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE From reporting and analytics to insight and decision-making, gain a more complete picture of your organisation on-demand and in real-time.
FULL VISIBILITY Assess the efficiency of the used resources – route, vehicle, destination, driver, transporter, etc.  and prepare real-time analyses and reports for optimal business decision making.
REDUCE ERRORS, AUTOMATE PROCESSES Create and approve quotes, manage your purchases, fulfil your orders, obtain vendor bids, eliminate paperwork, all through one automated system.
MOBILE WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT Streamline distribution processes with advanced warehouse operations in receiving, inventory management and order fulfillment. Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs with barcode scanners on phones and tablets.