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We offer a wide array of professional and constantly optimised services aimed at simplifying your life
Services that matter


That doesn’t just mean the time taken to complete an implementation or a single transaction. It's an equal partnership and we aim to build a team with every client that thrives on trust, mutual respect and a willingness to listen, learn, reflect and innovate.

We constantly seek new ways to add value and support your journey to business excellence.


You know your organisation’s technology infrastructure and business processes better than anyone. Our Business Requirements Assessment service is a comprehensive service that analyses the requirements of your organisation, contextualises them, and results in the delivery of a range of recommendations.

Our Business Requirements Assessment includes,

  • Examining your current systems
  • Mapping your business processes at a high level and understanding your pain points
  • Discussing your future state processes and determining high-level business requirements
  • Assessing whether your current systems will support requirements or if a new system is needed

To get a good idea of how we deliver our BRA service, check out what we did with Cognition Education.

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Support better project delivery


Our Project Management Office will play a central role in ensuring we stick to promises which we believe are fundamental to customer intimacy – such as upfront, known costs, assurance of price, scope and definitions, as entered into and agreed upon with you by us.

Our commitment with professional project management is to, as far as possible, identify possible challenges up front and, where issues might become apparent in the process of project execution, expose them and deal with them without hesitation.



We deliver industry-specific knowledge, best practice and hands-on experience to understand your needs and deliver the right technical solutions.

With a wide range of successful implementations across over 20 vertical industries, Verde has what it takes to deliver for your business. We build strong partnerships, getting to know your businesses at all levels. Many of our customers come to us for advice and assistance, even when our own product range is not involved in the solution.

We maintain a full-time Help Desk, providing regular upgrades and being proactive about resolving issues.

Collaborative planning and commitment for


Verde’s project management approach ensures your implementation is defined, scoped, costed, planned and executed professionally and with complete transparency.

We appoint a Steering Committee comprised of customer and Verde senior management, and set up a schedule of meetings to ensure rigorous Project Governance. Along the way, we take stock with formal sign-off where appropriate, for each major deliverable or project phase.

Throughout the project, communication is integral. Our Change, Risk and Issue Registers and all Project Documents live in a dedicated project Intranet portal.

Successful user adoption


Our team is comprised of a deep bench of consultants with extensive training experience and user adoption expertise as well as industry and ERP experience. 
Customised to suit your needs


Delivering customised software means leveraging all our experience to ensure you get the solution that best fits your business requirements. It combines our consulting expertise, process change, software configuration and custom code.

We are Value Added Development (VAD) partners for both MYOB Greentree and Jade, the object-orientated database technology used in developing MYOB Greentree. Our technical specialists are recognised for their strategic, management and software implementation skills.



Infrastructure Services play a vital role in delivering an agile and flexible end-to-end business service. Re-evaluating your current hardware and thoroughly examining the infrastructure types available is essential in ensuring long-term ERP success.

Conducting an audit is about getting all of the relevant information and parsing the good from bad. Verde’s Infrastructure Services includes an evaluation of your company’s internal systems including, but not limited to, efficiency and security protocols, development processes, backups and more.

Verde can help you make informed decisions and move your company’s IT in the right direction.

An IT infrastructure audit will help safeguard your assets, maintain data integrity and operate as efficiently as possible.


Are you sure your Greentree system is being backed up correctly and completely every day?

When did you last restore your backup to verify that it was up-to-date and useable? Is your backup available off-site in the event your
server fails, your network is unusable or your building is inaccessible? 



Are you sure your Greentree system is being backed up correctly and completely every day? When did you last restore your backup to verify that it was up-to-date and useable? Is your backup available off-site in the event your server fails, your network is unusable or your building is inaccessible?

A DataSure Ultimate MYOB Greentree Backup account provides:

  • Monitored intra-day MYOB Greentree backups
  • Daily database restore & last-transaction-date reporting
  • Weekly database certification
  • Offsite backup storage in three secure locations
  • 2+ months of backup history

Pricing & Terms:
  • Datasure service starts at $160 +GST for a Greentree data and attachment backup of up to 10GB.
  • No Minimum Term