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Manufacturing Software

Management tools to meet the challenges of the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers need to predict demand, analyse material and resource requirements and plan production: all with razor sharp precision. Even small errors can hurt productivity, quality, sales and, ultimately, profitability. This MYOB Greentree suite brings accuracy, real-time immediacy and integration to the production process.

  • Integrated with Financial Management and Distribution suites to give you the whole picture
  • Simpler, easier and more accurate Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and forecasting to optimise production planning
  • Bring together planning, labour and resource management for greater efficiency
  • Live visibility into costs to empower nimble decision making
  • Ensure top quality output by automating quality control
  • Multi-level bills of material provide flexibility to meet the most demanding configurations
  • Visual production planning board avoids surprises, provides flexibility and very nimble production
  • Plan production automatically and accurately
bill of materials Define the parts and materials needed for production runs. Multi-level structuring provides accurate cost insight, and the information needed to make accurate scheduling decisions.
materials requirements planning (mrp) The power of full integration enables MRP to analyse sales, purchasing, manufacturing, forecasts and more to build an accurate picture of inventory requirements.
forecasting Accurate forecasting saves time, money and unwanted surprises. Gauge future inventory needs using past sales data, industry trends, seasonal fluctuations and flexible modelling.
factory orders After undertaking Materials Requirement Planning and Bill of Materials, the Factory Orders module gives you the clarity to know exactly which products and how much you will need.
quality control Eliminate the costs of dissatisfied customers through an efficient quality assurance plan. This module sharpens and automates all the necessary quality control processes.