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Verde will help Jet Cleaning grow a service model it believes has great potential.

CHALLENGE Jet Cleaning Services needed a robust integrated business management system that can automate most of their daily tasks.
SOLUTION MYOB Greentree financial and inventory management, job costing and CRM. Workflow and eReporting enable real-time management of franchisees.
RESULTS Greentree’s fully integrated financial and inventory management, job costing and CRM automate time-wasting manual entry processes, while Workflow and eReporting enable real-time management of franchisees.




“For us, Greentree is the Holy Grail – a one-stop shop. It’s a system that can not only capture all of our common business management processes but also automate most of our daily tasks, with modules that speak to each other and update in real time.”

Kristian de Pont is the General Manager of Jet Cleaning, a company that has established itself as thriving contender in a very competitive industry. It’s done this by targeting a niche market: the hospitality sector. It specialises in cleaning restaurants and bars, where clients can be especially demanding about levels of service.

A rapid growth in business made Jet Cleaning realise the need for an ERP system, which ultimately brought it to Greentree, and Partner Verde Group.


Jet Cleaning has progressed through several business models since its inception in 1995. From initially employing its own staff, it switched to sub-contractors, before settling on a franchise model under which it handles all administration work, freeing its franchisees to focus on delivering the best cleaning service possible. Today it has some two dozen franchisees across New Zealand, serving a base of more than 200 varied customers with one common factor: their workplace is their showcase and must never look anything but spotless.

The franchise model doubled Jet’s revenue within a few years, but also brought headaches in management as the growth crossed what Kristian calls “Complexity Lines”

“When you hit those new levels of complexity, you need to make changes to enable growth and avoid stagnating,” he explains. “We had a basic accounting system and a suite of not-very-sophisticated spreadsheets that managed everything from resources and personnel, to consumables and customer information. Everything was separate and there was no automation.”

“We had problems with time spent on entering data, and gaps in information due to multiple entry issues. That loss of information threatened to compromise client service and cost us money due to missed billing opportunities. We also run a very lean operation and didn’t want to take on the extra staff we could see ourselves needing, just to cope with our paper war.”


Jet had wasted a year (and a lot of money) trying out a specialist business system that was more geared for trade services and couldn’t be adapted to its needs. It started looking again and after rejecting a subscription-based Cloud service, it started asking other cleaning firms what they were using. The journey ended when a current Greentree customer recommended Greentree and Verde Group.

Greentree’s fully integrated financial and inventory management, job costing and CRM automate all those time-wasting manual entry processes, while Workflow and eReporting enable real-time management of franchisees, winning that paper war through electronic purchase orders and invoicing.

Cleaning table by hand

“We’re poising ourselves for further growth, but we also want to make sure we don’t blow out our overheads,” Kristian concludes. “We want to maintain a very lean franchise support office, while growing our hospitality clients and taking our franchise system further not only in New Zealand, but into Australia as well

“Greentree will cut down our need for extra staff, capture key performance data, and help us to track, quote and close new business.”


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Jet Cleaning is a specialist commercial cleaner, providing full-service solutions through a team of highly motivated franchisees, serving prestigious customer sites across New Zealand.

For more information visit Jet Cleaning Service


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