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Paramount Services win new contracts

CHALLENGE Fast-growing Paramount Services needed a scalable system that wouldn’t hold back growth. To be able to compete successfully in the market and win contracts, the company also needed a system with solid quality control processes in place.
SOLUTION Paramount Services implemented a flexible and scalable Greentree system that it could demonstrate to customers.
RESULTS Greentree is helping Paramount Services win contracts. Including the Greentree system in tender documents as one of the company’s strengths, has become an important part of winning deals.




New functions needed for burgeoning business

Paramount Services previously used a basic accounting package before upgrading to Greentree in 2006. While the legacy system was doing an OK job it didn’t have all the functionality the growing company needed, says Finance Director, Bill Wu.

The company went to market for a new supplier and chose Greentree after evaluating a number of systems. Verde demonstrated the system and Paramount Services was impressed by the broad range of modules it offered – in particular Workflow.

Verde handled the implementation of the system very well, says Bill. “Verde has very responsive staff,” he says. “They get the work done.”

“Greentree nearly sounded too good to be true in the beginning,” he continues. “We were thinking, ‘can it really do all that?’, but it has delivered. Previously, we were struggling to get the information we needed. Now, it’s all in one place where authorised staff can easily access what they need to move processes forward.”

Paramount’s service process has multiple steps, with each step monitored carefully to ensure the work is done properly.

“Greentree’s Workflow systems allow us to design multiple monitoring points and put it on to our desktop, so for our operators it is very easy to see how a job is done at what stage,” says Bill.


Flexible system geared for growth

Part of Paramount Services’ strategy is acquisition – it bought four companies in less than four years and doubled sales in that same time period.

“The Greentree system allows for aggressive growth without any problems,” says Bill. “Another benefit is the flexibility of the system – it allows us to design it just the way we want it.”

Verde helps with custom development to enable Paramount to get as much as possible out of the system – a service that Bill values highly.

Greentree’s eService portal has also worked well for Paramount. The online portal lets customers log in for real time access to information. They can also log support requests and monitor activities and transactions.

“We started offering clients web access last year and it has been a great success,” says Bill.
“Now our clients can see the benefits of the system for themselves.”


A carrot to tempt new clients

But the biggest benefit by far is Greentree’s contribution to winning large contracts. “We won a five-year national contract, worth $10 million, partly thanks to Greentree,” says Bill. “The customer was really impressed with our Greentree system. They even came to visit us to see what our system can do and that impressed them.”

Bill says for a service-based business it is vital to be able to show customers how the company manages the service it’s offering and how it deals with complaints.

“We often put the Greentree system in our tender documents to show that we can handle the quality control side,” he says. “By helping us win tenders, Greentree certainly gives us an edge over our competitors.

“We actually believe Greentree has done quite a significant job for us and it plays a major part in terms of our business growth,” Bill concludes. “It provides a system for us to have systematic controls in all aspects of the business.”


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Paramount Services is a leading New Zealand franchise company providing commercial cleaning and property maintenance services to about 1,000 clients nationwide. 

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