Andrew Finn

Development Manager
Trust in binary code led Andrew Finn into his career in the technology industry. Or, as he tells it, with an interest in programming and accounting, it was a flip of a coin which sent him on to complete a BSc in Computer Science at Auckland University. He’s invested his whole career into the Enterprise Resource Planning space, starting out in 1998 as a developer, then technical consultant, then manager of technical services. Andrew was closely involved in system modifications, including in the then-emerging field of web-based application development. Since joining Verde in 2006, Andrew has worked as a developer and subsequently took the role of development manager, where he specialises in Greentree modifications, support both in the Jade environment and developing web applications. Initially excited to work in an Object-Oriented language, he’s found his home at Verde and Greentree ERP, which he describes as offering good features with the opportunity to easily customise and add modules. Over the years, Andrew has worked on web-based front ends for various functions, developed countless modifications and integrations, and is the mastermind behind multiple modules including the eDocs suite. With an appreciation for working with clients who see value in streamlining and automating processes, Andrew loves seeing results in efficiencies and on the bottom line. And he’s proud of eDocs, which has evolved into one of Greentree’s best-selling modules. The change inherent in the technology industry is both its greatest attraction for Andrew, (‘Not knowing what we’ll be doing in a decade is exciting,’ he says) though he also recognises it as a threat: it can make things difficult for people. With his words to live by being ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. That’s why he loves working at Verde, creating computer systems that work for people.