Craig Anderson

Senior Consultant

It was the Y2K bug that got Craig Anderson into the technology field. And the bug clearly bit, because years later he’s still here and loving it. After studying Economics and Accounting at college, Anderson completed most of an accounting degree at Manukau Institute of Technology before commencing work on a Year 2000 project. One thing led to the next and he found himself as a trust accountant, before joining a law firm for a practice management implementation. Success here led to an ongoing role as Systems Analyst, then Implementation Specialist. In 2007, Craig joining Verde and hasn’t looked back, with his strengths in Job Costing and related processes being put to great use across multiple clients. He says he enjoys every minute, driven by a passion for improving how people use their business software. “Verde has a great concept of the customer for life which fits with my values of not trying to sell the most to a customer but aiming to sell the best,” he says. With Verde’s increasing solutions diversification, Craig is further enthused by the broader range of possibilities for clients, particularly those who want to invest in great technology which delivers positive results for their companies. He finds the steady progression to advanced mobile technology fascinating, particularly enterprise solutions like Business Intelligence. But at the same time, constant connectedness can be an issue – he’ll stay away from the email when on holiday. He also appreciates a sound work/life balance, which is why he appreciates working at Verde on quality clients.