Juanita Potgieter

Marketing & Engagement
With marketing in her blood, Juanita Potgieter figured the best way to gain experience while studying for her Bachelor’s degree was opening her own agency. By the time she graduated, both theory and practice were down pat. Immediately prior to joining the Verde team, Juanita managed a marketing agency specialising in working with independent colleges marketing vocational education courses. She came on board in 2016, immediately developing and then rolling out a marketing strategy in support of Verde’s development goals. Juanita is proud of her decade of experience working with leading UK-based qualifications agency City & Guilds International, benefiting from mentoring and inspiration from quality leaders who have shaped her career. From her passion for marketing has also subsequently emerged a talent for sales, so Juanita now relishes the business development aspect of her work. The constant innovation, transformation and development within enterprise technology keeps her engaged, challenged and rewarded. A big fan of Verde’s team culture, she simply says ‘seeing how long some of our staff have been with Verde, you know it works’. Like many at Verde, she enjoys client engagement and the satisfaction of identifying opportunities for improvement. Recognising that Verde’s success rests on our customers' success, Juanita values putting customers first in lasting engagements based on mutual value creation.