Louisa Kuplich Azevedo

Senior Consultant

With more than two decades of commercial experience, Louisa is a seasoned professional with extensive knowledge of business operations including accounting and administrative disciplines. Prior to joining Verde Group in 2012, she was Finance Manager at a nationwide telecommunications and technology service provider. In that role, she took the lead on financial management while also gaining extensive knowledge of the technology industry and the implementation of multi-site hardware and software projects. Louisa was drawn to Verde after realising her interests lay more in technology than they did in finance while leading the development of multiple system customisations and implementations in her prior role. After all, she says, technology is always changing and improving, nothing ever stands still and there’s no chance of boredom. Passionate about helping customers to do business more efficiently and driven by her mantra ‘You create your own opportunities’, Louisa maintains a sharp focus on process improvement and system enhancements to save time and money. Particularly enthusiastic about working with clients that embrace change, one of her greatest achievements to date was leading the successful implementation of eDocs and Web-based approvals at the HW Richardson Group – replacing 300,000 paper invoices with a fully electronic solution. She’s proud of working with the Verde Group and contributes to the company’s reputation for delivering customised solutions to help any business, regardless of how unique they may be. “We have the skills and systems to develop enhancements for any process, and we don’t expect clients to change their business to fit a standard system.”